Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™

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Learn about the holistic approach that offers lasting results in just 10 days.

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Experience Comprehensive Healing in Northern California's Serene Retreat

Join the thousands who have found hope and healing through the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™. Our renowned 10-day intensive residential program offers the most thorough treatment for depression and anxiety in the country. Nestled in the tranquility of Northern California, we welcome participants from all over the world seeking rapid and profound change.

Our program is crafted to support individuals facing a range of challenges, including trauma, PTSD, OCD, severe depression, and anxiety. With our unparalleled medical evaluations, including detailed blood work and innovative testing, we uncover underlying conditions that pave the way for transformative recovery.

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Transforming Lives with Compassion

At the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™, we don't just treat symptoms; we strive to heal the individual as a whole. Our method is rooted in scientific rigor, compassion, and an all-encompassing approach that addresses every aspect of well-being:

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In-Depth Health Discovery

Our extensive lab work and thorough physical exams are designed to unearth the root causes of your mental health challenges, offering insights that lead to precise, personalized treatments.

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Integrated Wellness

Our program intertwines cognitive therapy with physical rejuvenation, including nutrition plans rich in mood-enhancing nutrients and tailored physical activities that restore balance.

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Compassionate Support Network

Through one-on-one counseling, group therapy, and continuous encouragement, our team is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

Learn about the holistic approach that offers lasting results in just 10 days.

Download the e-book

or speak with a program intake coordinator by calling 1-530-379-0036 now.

Real stories from real people

I was ready to leave the program and had started packing my bags when the program administrator showed up at my door. After talking to me for a while, she then did something that perplexed me – she started crying. I found it so strange that someone would care that much about ME. There was a myriad of things that brought me to where I am today but it was the love I experienced at this program that was something like I had never experienced before in my life. They continued to go out of their way to make ensure my success. Two months after my extended stay, my tests revealed I was depression free, anxiety free, and medication free – and I have stayed so since then. Today, I am one of the 10-day residential program nurses and work with Dr. Nedley numerous programs per year. I get to give back to others what I was so freely given.

— Previously Tried to Commit Suicide 5 Times

Before Depression Recovery I felt inadequate and ineffectual in every task. I embraced the thought of peace in death. At Depression Recovery my counselors gave insight to the deplorable self-talk I was engaged in. I have been given the tools of cure. For largely the first time, I see hope!

— High School History Teacher

Prior to coming to Depression Recovery I had started to dread each new day. I felt frustrated and helpless! I had become very tired and hopeless of life getting better soon. DR has changed the course of life for my husband and me. I feel rested and full of joy. My husband’s emotions are waking up and his personality emerging. He is much more positive.

— Married to A Chronically Depressed Spouse for Many Years

My anxiety and fear were holding me back from fully living my life and being truly present. During Depression Recovery I learned that I do have the power to face my fears head on and conquer them. My trust and faith have been deepened and I feel a sense of hope and excitement for the future.

— Young Mother of Three Children

Residential Program Facilities

Each participant will have access to the following amenities:

Private room with service
Massage treatments
Salt scrubs
Peaceful hiking trails
Personal exercise coaches
Deliciously nutritious meals
Exercise facilities
Areas for reflective thinking

Primary program staff

Find support and encouragement as you are guided by a team of highly qualified lifestyle medicine experts who are dedicated to identifying the root causes of your depression, while leading you on a journey of healing.

Lynda Cetean

Residential Program Administrative Director

Lynda Cetean is the Administrative Director for the 10-day residential Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program. She oversees the coordination and administration of all aspects of the program. Since she started working for Dr. Nedley in 2001, she has helped to create and continues to develop the schedule for the residential program. As a licensed massage therapist, Lynda has facilitated in many areas of the program. If working or not, Lynda enjoys the outdoors, hiking, paddle boarding, travelling and most of all, spending time with her husband and two children, extended family and friends.

Dr. Neil Nedley

Medical Director

Dr. Neil Nedley is the founder and medical director of the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programs.  Dr. Nedley is an award-winning practicing physician who also serves as President of Weimar Institute, a higher education college that houses the world-famous NEWSTART program and the residential and outpatient Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program.   He has presented and published numerous scientific studies in the medical/scientific literature and is well known as a public speaker and teacher throughout the world.  He is the author of Proof Positive, Depression—the Way Out, The Lost Art of Thinking, and Optimize Your Brain. Additionally, Dr. Nedley is a board-certified Internal Medicine specialist with an emphasis on the difficult-to-diagnose patient, gastroenterology, and mental health. He enjoys hiking in nature with his family, piloting his own aircraft, snow skiing, and listening to sacred and classical music.  Nothing is as enjoyable to Dr. Nedley, however, as helping people from the depths of depression and anxiety to the pinnacle of success and fulfillment.

Joshua Fleming

Residential Program Physician

Dr. Joshua Fleming has been interested in health and wellness from a young age. Half-way through his graduate degree in exercise science, he realized he could have a much greater impact on the wellbeing of society as a physician. Throughout medical school and during his residency in Family Medicine, he saw, more than ever before, the desperate need for more effective treatment strategies addressing mental health disorders and chronic lifestyle-related diseases. For this reason, he is completing his fellowship in anxiety, depression, and lifestyle medicine with Dr. Nedley while also completing the requirements for board certification as a Lifestyle Medicine Intensivist. When he is not working, Dr. Fleming enjoys running, hiking, and pretty much anything in the great outdoors. His greatest joys are studying the Bible with those who have never experienced its beauty, and spending quality time with his beautiful wife, Stephanie.

Silaine Marques


Silaine Marques is a Clinical Professional Counselor starting her career in 2010, helping clients with a wide range of chronic mental health disorders. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Community Counseling. She acquired a Professional Clinical Counselor license on the island of Guam, and is currently a PCC Associate for the state of California. She has specialized in integrating a holistic approach into her sessions, and in the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as her primary modality. Her work with Dr. Neil Nedley started in 2015, providing lectures and counseling sessions for the clients of the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program. In her free time she enjoys participating in singing groups, missionary outreach activities, traveling and hiking. Ms. Marques lives in Weimar, CA.

Elmamarie Heldzinger


Elmamarie is a Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach. She is a Nationally Certified Counselor and a certified Trauma Professional. She holds the Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts facilitator certification as well as the Prepare/Enrich Marriage facilitator certification. She holds her certification as an Exercise Physiologist with ACSM. She has completed the Beck Institute training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, Trauma, Insomnia, and weight loss. She is currently completing her doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy with Liberty University. She is a survivor of narcissistic abuse and counsels people who are victims of narcissistic abuse. She has been married more than 30 years to her physician husband, Derek, and has 4 adult children: Stefan and his wife Amber, Lisamarie, Shaun Michael, Joshua and his wife Rosmarie. She is an animal lover and loves hiking, camping, and seeking waterfalls.

Our Commitment to Your Transformation

At the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™, our deepest commitment is to guide you toward a future where mental health is not a hurdle, but a gateway to a life filled with joy and purpose. Nestled in the nurturing heart of Northern California, our program is a sanctuary where science and compassion converge to create a blueprint for profound change. We promise to provide a comprehensive, caring journey that not only addresses your immediate needs but also empowers you with the knowledge and skills for lasting wellness. Your recovery is our success, and we are dedicated to ensuring that each step you take with us leads to a more fulfilling and vibrant life.

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Learn about the holistic approach that offers lasting results in just 10 days.

or speak with a program intake coordinator by calling 1-530-379-0036 now.