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Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder. Although these diseases (and their underlying conditions) are prevalent, you do not need to suffer without a cure. Join Dr. Nedley, a leading physician in mental health treatment and research, as he walks you through the Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™.

Nedley Health's Online Treatment Program software for depression and anxiety your own pace.

With this comprehensive mental health education program, you will find the keys to a new life in just eight weeks. When you sign up for this program you will receive access to not only eight video presentations, but also a well-formatted workbook and specially-designed lesson plans. Take advantage of this opportunity now and learn how you can overcome depression and anxiety, find motivation to reach your goals, and achieve optimal mental health. Recovery is for you.

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Depression and Anxiety Assessment Test™ included

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Evaluate your mental health

See in-depth analysis and assessment of your mental health. The DAAT tells you if you have major depression and how severe it is. It also tells you whether you suffer from anxiety and to what degree. In addition, it gives you your current level of emotional intelligence (EQ), one of the most important indicators of future success. Completing the DAAT provides comprehensive reports to compare at the end of the course.

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Pinpoint your risk factors

Extensive research on the causes of depression and anxiety has uncovered over 100 risk factors. These risk factors have plausible physiologic cause for mental health decline. The DAAT will tell you how many categories of risk factors are present and give you a detailed report of your active risk factors and what can be done to reverse most, if not all, of your underlying causes.

The 8-week plan

Follow the carefully curated curriculum of NDARP Online through educational lectures, tutorial videos, practical action steps and assignments, and lifestyle application tracking.

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Explore evidence-based, holistic tools for overcoming depression and anxiety in eight educational lectures.

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Lifestyle in action

Actively engage in course content, make it your own, and reinforce new behaviors.

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Action steps

Find additional practical tips and suggestions for implementing what you’re learning into everyday life.

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Healthy Lifestyle Scorecards

Discover accountability as you track your lifestyle behaviors each day over the course of eight weeks.

Program curriculum

Week 1

How to Improve Your Brain

Week 2

Lifestyle Treatments For Depression And Anxiety

Week 3

Nutrition For The Brain

Week 4

How Thinking Can Defeat Depression Or Anxiety

Week 5

Making And Staying With Positive Lifestyle Choices

Week 6

Stress Without Distress

Week 7

Overcoming Loss

Week 8

Enhancing Frontal Lobe Function

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Meet our team of experts

Our team brings you both professional and personal experience. Let us walk you through this educational program, one video at a time.

Doctor Neil Nedley

Neil Nedley, MD

CEO & Lecturer

Cami Martin

Cami Gotshall, MPH

Program Director

Nathan Hyde

Nathan Hyde, BS

Health Coach

Erica Nedley

Erica Nedley, PT

Cooking Instructor

Frequently asked questions

Is there a time limit for the course?

You have 12 weeks from the date of purchase to complete the course. For results comparable to the classic community based NDARP, we recommend completing the course in eight consecutive weeks. After twelve weeks, there is a small additional fee to extend the course.

How much time will the course take each week?

Expect to spend approximately two hours on the online platform each week in addition to time spent participating in recommended daily activities.

What’s the difference between this course and the 8-week community Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program™?

This course is an access-from-anywhere-anytime way to participate in Dr. Nedley’s popular community-based health education program, the Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program™ (NDARP). NDARP ONLINE provides the same lecture content, but in a specially-crafted online platform for course interaction rather than in-person facilitated small groups. We recommend checking your area for a live community-based program, but if there is not one available, you’ll still receive the same education as the classic community-based Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program™ by taking this online course.

I want to know more about this program before I purchase it. Where can I watch the free information videos?

You can watch our four-part information session.

When do I have to take the DAAT?

You will take the first DAAT before you hear any content from week 1. The second test is taken at week 8 (at the end of the course). This evaluation model will provide you with your baseline depression, anxiety, and EQ levels when you start the course to compare with your results when you’ve completed the course, after 8 weeks. There are clear prompts in the course for when to take the tests.

What ages is this program best for?

This course is suitable for ages 12 and up.

Do I need to have depression or anxiety to participate in this course?

No way! Although our target audience is those suffering from depression and anxiety, anyone can benefit from the principles in this program. Also, for information on our peak mental performance health education course, click here.

Is there research?

For sure — Take a look.

I want to offer this program as a live health education program in my community, how do I get trained?

You can purchase our newly revised online training to be certified as an associate director or facilitator. For more information, check out the training related FAQ.

Have more questions?

Feel free to chat with us by clicking on the speech bubble in the bottom right section of your screen.

Featured testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Others have sat where you are, trying to decide if this course is right for them. But after signing up and completing NDARP Online, their personal experience is the best proof that this program works.

This gets to the root of the problem rather than just treating symptoms. At night, I couldn’t shut my mind off. I had been a smoker for 30 years. As a result of this comprehensive program, I was able to get the help I needed to quit. I am now able to sleep without feelings of anxiety.


New York

Following this program for just 8-weeks has not only eradicated my depression and anxiety but has also helped me spiritually, mentally, and physically.



This is an excellent program. I enjoyed all the lectures and especially the combination of statistics, application, and experience. The scorecard portion of the program was definitely essential for me.


New Jersey

Helps organize your life correctly, has scientific validity, is accessible, and simple to participate in. Thank you for the wonderful program! It changes lives!



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  • Release of your Depression and Anxiety Assessment Test™ before and after scores
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  • NDARP workbook e-book
  • NDARP workbook
  • The Lost Art of Thinking
  • SOS: Help for Emotions
  • Telling Yourself the Truth
  • Release of your Depression and Anxiety Assessment Test™ before and after scores
  • Course certificate upon completion



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