Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™

Residential Program

Find support and encouragement as you are guided by a team of highly qualified lifestyle medicine experts who are dedicated to identifying the root causes of your depression, while leading you on a journey of healing.

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The most successful residential treatment program available for depression and anxiety

At the conclusion of the program, 99% of the participants reported significant improvements in their depression with 54% reporting no depression at all. Four months after the program, participants reported additional reduction of symptoms in both depression and anxiety.

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Upcoming Residential Programs

We are pleased to offer numerous programs regularly throughout the year. For program dates not yet listed, please call our office at 530-379-0036.

August 8–19

Weimar, California

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September 12–23

Weimar, California

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Relax the body

Your body plays an important role in the way you think and feel. Sometimes by just focusing on the body alone, you can see instant improvements in your mood. The residential Nedley Depression and Anxiety Program™ will ensure that your body is well taken care of so that you can focus on your mind.

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