Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™

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Inspire hope and give your community the tools needed to live intentionally—free from depression and anxiety.

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Recovery for your community

The community Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™ is an eight-week mental health education program designed to improve mental performance and promote a healthier lifestyle. Offering a holistic approach to enhancing the mind, the program benefits those with or without depression and anxiety. Comprised of eight video sessions followed by facilitated group discussion; family, friends, and community members can attend the program to start their journey toward recovery.

Join the Team

The community program is offered across the globe by people just like you who have recognized the opportunity to make a difference. You don’t have to be a mental health expert. We will equip you with all the tools necessary to run a successful program.

You'll learn how to:

  • Have the confidence and know-how to help those suffering with depression and anxiety
  • Be able to coach others in understanding and managing their emotions
  • Learn the keys of how to make permanent lifestyle changes
  • Become competent in teaching depressed people simple coping skills
  • Guide others in recognizing destructive or distorted thoughts by understanding cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Lead others in recovery and growth after suffering loss
  • Be able to implement a Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program™ in your home, church, or community

How do I get started?

If you are passionate about providing life-changing mental health education to your community, we are here to help you design the program that is right for your needs.


Build your team

Going solo? Or need some help? Pick an option that works for the size of your group and begin the training for you and your team.


Set up your program location

Pick a venue where you feel your group will be most comfortable. This could be your home, church, library, or community event center. Then decide on a date and start planning.


Start changing lives

Get the word out and start seeing the difference one program can have on a community. We promise you’ll make some great friends along the way!

Group size recommendation chart

Options for any group size

Home group

Everything you need to confidently deliver crucial mental health education to a private group
5 sets of the core materials program participants will need to gain lasting recovery
5 mental health assessments (pre and post program evaluations)


Small group

Everything you need to confidently deliver crucial mental health education to a small group
Training for an additional individual to lead facilitated group discussions
10 sets of the core materials program participants will need to gain lasting recovery
10 mental health assessments (pre and post program evaluations)


Community group

Everything you need to confidently deliver crucial mental health education to a larger group
Training for 2 additional individual to lead facilitated group discussions
20 sets of the core materials program participants will need to gain lasting recovery
20 mental health assessments (pre and post program evaluations)
+ Free bonus item


Not interested in a group bundle? Purchase one of our individual training kits

Results in the thousands

The community Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™ has been utilized in every continent in over 40 countries. See the amazing results achieved by community leaders like you!

Hear from our community leaders

“We have helped hundreds of people find new meaning in life, learn to smile again, and mend relationships. Just this year, we were able to learn of some recent data completed for our county. Within our county, we were the only city to boast a decrease in suicide rates over a period of 4 years. We have no doubt that the NDARP has been a big part of contributing to these incredible results. Twice a year, our community has been able to rely on the weekly meetings of the community program. The Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™ has become a cornerstone of the our community health initiative.”

– Janie, Utah

“One of the wonderful parts of having a smaller NDARP group recently was that my team and I were able to get to know everyone personally and spend more time with them than with a larger group. I loved the participants’ response to the food tasting we included!”

– Doedie, Australia

“Dr. Nedley’s lectures and the facilitated small groups provided an amazing way for participants to connect with the information and with each other.”

– Jon, Oregon

“I love working in the NDARP because of the changes I have seen in people’s lives and the personal testimonies that they share. Many people have expressed so much gratitude to us for running the program and we see how they have benefited from the program. And I have had four alumni do their associate director or facilitator training. To see these people moving forward into ministry and receiving the blessing of helping others has been the most satisfying part of running these programs. This program has saved people’s lives who were suicidal before.”

– Elma, Tennessee

“It was such a joy seeing people’s lives changed in just weeks!”

–Barbara, Washington

“I enjoyed the small group discussions! The program was a great success and people are already asking when we will do it again.”

–Joseph, Georgia

"I love being an NDARP associate director because this program directly improves people’s lives as a whole! The post-video discussions are so rich and dynamic! People who have suffered from depression and anxiety for up to forty years have told me they finally have some relief after this program. I like to observe the inevitable face lift over the course of eight weeks too! In one program, a mom and daughter found healing together, and afterwards kept telling me how amazing this program was for them. Many people have told me that shortly after completing this program, a tragedy happened in their life and now they know how to handle it in a mentally healthy way."

– Anna, Pennsylvania

Frequently asked questions


What is the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™?

The NDARP is a mental health education program. For more information about the Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery program™, you can view all 4 parts of the introductory session here:  Which Program is Right for You?


Do people have to be depressed or anxious to attend?

No! Although our program is directed to those who are suffering from depression and anxiety, anyone can benefit from the principles in this program. There are also available options to attend the program as a companion.


How much does the program cost for my participants?

The pricing model allows for you, the program's associate director, to have some flexibility depending on the associated costs required to offer your program. Current pricing can be anywhere between $100 and $200 USD for each full participant to attend. Companion participants are permitted to share certain materials and thereby attend at a reduced price. Participants are informed at the free introductory session what the cost of your program will be and can pay for their materials at that time or before the first session. In your training, you will be given all of the necessary tools to help you set your pricing and ensure your participants get the best price possible.


What is the difference between an associate director and a facilitator?

Associate Director:
Those who choose this role are responsible for organizing and executing the program. They’ll lead facilitators and program volunteers by using the resources and guidelines provided by Nedley Health.
Those who are in this role are responsible for guiding weekly small group discussions after the lecture content. They ensure accountability for the group by encouraging participants to follow the guidelines.


How many certified program staff do I need for my group?

You will need one certified associate director per program, and one certified facilitator per 15 program participants. However, we recommend two certified facilitators per 15 participants to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to share in the group discussion.

Note: if there is more than one trained associate director in your program, one of you can act as a facilitator, but you cannot fulfill both roles at once.


Can I run a small program by myself?

Yes, if your program has 5 or less participants, you are not required to have a facilitator. With the home group bundle, you will receive all of the necessary training and materials to lead a program right out of your home or small group. This “home version” of the program works best in a very small, more casual setting. You can also meet with individuals one-on-one to go through the program together


When do I receive my materials?

Your program materials and training certificate will be shipped once you have successfully completed your training.


How long will it take for me to complete the training?

The self-paced online modules take approximately 16 hours to complete, and the entire training must be completed within 30 days. If you cannot finish the training within 30 days, you may contact our office to purchase a 2-week extension for a fee of $10.


Can I receive CEU credits for this course?

Yes! 1.6 CEU credits (16 credit hours) are available for an additional fee of $50.00. Contact 580-226-8007 to purchase.

Change the statistics

Sadly, depression and anxiety know no cultural, social, or economic barriers and annually plague the lives of countless thousands. And while global statistics indicate a growing epidemic every passing year, education is the crucial first step in bringing lasting relief and full recovery to the suffering.

Be the catalyst of change for someone else as you share transformative mental health education. As you share information about lifestyle treatments, appropriate therapies, supplements, or medications, you can bring hope to another person. As a team dedicated to eradicating depression and anxiety one life at a time, together we can combat the mental health crisis.

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