Optimize Your Brain Online

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Optimize Your Brain Online is a six-session comprehensive, research-based program that gives you tools to improve many areas of your life such as relationships, academics, love of learning, clearness of thinking, health, nutrition, fitness, self-control, career, and personal satisfaction.

In each session, you’ll explore ways to achieve peak mental performance and help develop and strengthen the frontal lobe leading to an optimized brain. Get access to materials including the workbook and exclusive online video resources. 


  • Access to all online materials
  • Optimize Your Brain E-Book
  • Course certificate upon completion


  • Access to all online materials
  • Optimize Your Brain E-Book
  • Lost Art of Thinking E-Book
  • Optimize Your Brain Workbook (Hard Copy)
  • Course certificate upon completion
  • Release of your Depression and Anxiety Assessment Test before and after scores


  • Access to everything in Complete Package
  • Receive weekly course feedback from an online facilitator on how you’re doing with course application in daily life
  • Course feedback is available for six weeks after the date the first weekly scorecard is turned in


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