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Which program is right for you?

We offer an array of programs to match a variety of circumstances.

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Considering your options

You may be wondering which program is the right choice for you or your loved one. There are several factors to consider as you make your decision. Each program has the same underlying principles but they all have varying levels of application.


The online program is the easiest way to get healthy from home. This program has been designed to help you get on your feet again wherever you may be at, whenever you need it. With this comprehensive mental health education program, you will find the keys to a new life in just eight weeks. When you sign up for this program you will receive access to not only video presentations but also a well-formatted workbook and specially designed lessons plans.

Take advantage of this opportunity now and learn how you can overcome depression and anxiety, find motivation to help you achieve your goals, and achieve optimal mental health

Basic Course

Includes access to all online materials and e-workbook, before/after Depression and Anxiety Assessment Test™, and course certificate upon completion. The basic course is fully online with no shipped materials

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Complete Course

Includes access to all online materials and e-workbook, before/after Depression and Anxiety Assessment Test™, course certificate upon completion, as well as a printed workbook and textbooks shipped to you.

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The 8-week community-based program is the next level up. To find a program in your area, visit our community-based website to see which programs are nearest you and contact the program associate director for more information. If there is a program in your area, we strongly recommend you make the commitment and attend. It will be cheaper than the home-based option and will offer more accountability on your journey to recovery. The biggest plus side to the community-based program is the motivation you will receive from others.

Trained Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™ associate directors and facilitators will guide you to mental health.  Although you will still have to exhibit self-determination between each session (the sessions run once a week) to follow the principles outlined, you will be in contact with others who are also on the journey to wellness.This community of people becomes a powerful weapon to face your fears and overcome depression and anxiety.

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The residential-based program is the ideal option. Currently located in Northern California, this program is operated four to five times a year. This 10-day intensive program is the most comprehensive treatment program for depression and anxiety available in the United States. Participants travel all across the nation and beyond to attend this program and receive the quickest and most remarkable results.

This program has treated victims of trauma, abuse, attempted suicide, PTSD, OCD, self-mutilation, social phobias, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, addiction disorders, and the severest forms of both depression and/or anxiety.  You will have comprehensive physician exams and evaluations, including extensive blood analysis and other revealing tests.  In addition, at least two counselors/therapists will work with you individually and in groups to help your brain become the best it can be.

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Reaching optimal mental health

In these videos, Dr. Nedley briefly goes over the advantages of each program, including the community based program and the 10-day residential program. Each one of these videos goes over different aspects of depression and how to help you reach optimal mental health.

1 — The Effects of Depression and/or Anxiety

2 — What is it? Do I have it?

3 — The Revolutionary Research

4 — The Unprecedented Results

Your wellbeing — Our commitment

Nedley Health leads holistic mental health education with the latest evidence-based information. Our goal is to eradicate the epidemic of depression and anxiety one life at a time.

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