Help children catch, check, and change distorted thinking

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It’s a delightful children’s book

This book artfully combines principles of cognitive behavior therapy with a children’s picture book. Each page describes relatable examples of common cognitive distortions as Millie catches, checks, and changes her tangled thoughts.

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Children of all ages

Younger children can practice identifying emotions as Millie and her friends express them throughout the story. Older children can learn the 10 common cognitive distortions that can often cause unpleasant emotions and consider when they might have their own tangled thoughts.

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Strengthen EQ and character

Helping your child learn the importance of their thoughts is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. It will help them develop a strong moral character and enhance their emotional intelligence.

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Untangle your child's thoughts

This book will spark your children’s interest as they learn about the power thoughts have over feelings and behavior. “Millie” will empower them with the ability to untangle negative thinking from a Christian perspective.

Parents give the book great reviews

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It’s a must to have!!!

from Sheryl

This book is a GEM!!! I bought this book for my 3 yr old and 1 yr old. We read this book almost every day. Such a great way to introduce to them how to be able to distinguish distorted thoughts. My husband and I both wished we had this book growing up. This book is beneficial not only to my children but to the adults too!

What a wonderful book!

from Emily

My son Judah is 4.5 years old and he really enjoys when I read this book to him. He likes hearing about Millie and will frequently ask for me to read this book to him. I think this is a such a novel, great way to teach him to identify and change his negative thoughts. It is also a great tool for helping to facilitate these conversations between us. Otherwise I don’t think they would come up so easily. It’s been a blessing for our family, and I’m hoping that it will be for your family as well! :)

GEM of a book!

from Kim

We just love the Millie book - it is sweet, it is beautifully illustrated and it speaks to each of us (even mommy and daddy) on many different levels. Our 3 yo loves the pictures and describing what’s happening. Our 7 yo likes pointing out the things he notices about each scenario. Our 9 yo likes relating to the stories and asking deeper questions about the things he needs more details for processing. I (mom) enjoy the fact that the book is written from a Christ and Bible centered viewpoint and how I’m able to link the scenarios to personal events in our lives. This is a book I have recommended over and over to adults and children alike! There is always something new to be learned regarding self-awareness and growth. Thank-you Krystin, for such a gem of a book! Please write more!

Kids enjoyed this book. We love it!

from Merk

I read this book with my 10 year old and 4 year old, we analyze Millie’s thoughts after each section and I can hear my boys say “Ahhh, and oooh, I understand!” This book definitely takes a unique approach in teaching kids how to think positively and recognize “tangled thoughts.” This book is not only for kids but adults alike. We love the beautiful illustrations. We enjoyed Krystin’s creative and well thought of wordplay throughout the story. Highly recommended. Cannot wait for the sequel! :D

Thank You!

from Christina G.

Krystin Henley’s, Millie and her tangled thoughts is such a gift to parent’s and children alike!  The whimsical artwork and clever rhymes help distill CBT concepts down into memorable lessons that are easy for parents to teach and easy for children to grasp.  As a parent, after reading this book with my children, I am ready feeling more equipped to guide conversations on effectively managing emotions and creating healthy thought patterns.  The critical and essential messages in this book will be positively impacting my family for years to come. This book is a must have in your children’s library!  Thank you Krystin for empowering parents in their critical role as their children’s first teachers and for reminding us that Jesus is the ultimate teacher and will show us how to change the quality of our thoughts for the better.

Millie and Her Tangled Thoughts