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Why Should I Take This Test?

Its actually four tests in one (that is why it is called an assessment and not just a test). The Depression and Anxiety Assessment Test (DAAT) tells you if you have Clinical (or Major) Depression and how severe it is. It also tells you whether you suffer from Anxiety and to what degree. In addition it gives you your current level of emotional intelligence, one of the most important indicators of future success. But perhaps the most valuable aspect of the test is the cause determination section. Very frequently, the person with mental health issues (like depression or anxiety or their close relatives such as OCD, PTSD, panic disorder, addiction disorders, etc.) does not know all of the reasons they are suffering emotionally or mentally. This test gives people definite reasons why they are suffering and helps them identify a pathway for reversing most if not all of their underlying causes. Dr. Nedley has done extensive research on the causes of depression, anxiety and identified well over 100 risk factors that are associated with depression or anxiety. These risk factors have plausible physiologic cause for mental health decline.

The DAAT will tell you how many categories of risk factors are present, and give you a detailed report of the risk factors you have that are active, and what can be done to reverse and possibly eliminate the active factors (or as Dr. Nedley calls them, hits or blows to the brain. Fortunately, most of these risk factors can be reversed through nutrition or lifestyle changes and/or learning how to think correctly and consistently. Once the risk factors are eliminated, then the depression and/or anxiety will not only go into remission but can actually be cured.

The process of initiating and maintaining these positive lifestyle and mental changes can improve emotional intelligence to significantly above average, which translates into you becoming more successful than people who have never suffered from depression and/or anxiety. That's success not only in physical and mental health, but also in financial health, and overall life satisfaction. That is why many have stated that this test is the very best investment that they have ever made in their entire lives.


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