Nedley Health Nightlight

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Need some light when getting up in the night, but don't want to fully wake up? Our Nedley Health nightlight by Limelight is a great solution. They are energy efficient, consuming only a fraction of the electricity consumed by other night-lights. The light lies flush against the wall, and will never get hot, making it ideal for homes with children. Limelite night lights provide a soft, blue glow - helping to make children feel safe, and providing sufficient light to guide someone through a hallway late at night.

Award Winning

Commendation Award for Product Innovation for Consumer Safety from the Home Safety Council - Washington D.C.

Saves Electricity

This nightlight uses 3 cents worth of electricity per year.

Safe Comforting Glow

This nightlight is designed to work with night-adapted vision. It uses the highest quality, state of the art material that emits a soothing glow. It also produces no heat, has no bulbs to break and includes a patented in-line safety fuse.

10 Year Limited Warranty

This nightlight has a warranty to maintain its uniform light and last at least 10 years. For replacement or warranty information please visit our website at or call us at 1-800-816-0320.

Made in USA.


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