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Focus by Nedley Health is an advanced nootropic blend shown to enhance focus, memory, and learning capabilities.*


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We believe in optimizing brain function and enhancing mental well-being. With the goal of improving mental clarity and focus, this formulation may be precisely what you've been looking for. Whether you want to upgrade your study habits or improve your recall and productivity during a long day at work, "Focus" is here to help your overall cognitive performance.

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How does Focus by Nedley Health work?

Focus by Nedley Health provides a natural way to enhance focus, memory, and learning capabilities. Multiple studies have shown it to be effective in supporting neuroprotection, concentration, memory support, and cognitive performance.*

How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

Focus by Nedley Health has ingredients that can have both short and long-term benefits. You should expect to start seeing initial results within 90 minutes. For a greater improvement in long-lasting results, you should expect to see improvements after 2-4 weeks. Each person's results may vary, and we recommend consulting a healthcare professional if you are not seeing results or notice any abnormal changes.

Is Focus by Nedley Health safe?

Providing a healthier way to optimal brain health is our top priority. All Nedley Health products are manufactured in the United States and third-party tested. The FDA provides guidelines on how to manufacture supplements called Current Good Manufacturing Processes, or cGMP, which our manufacturing facilities are required to follow.

How does my subscription work?

You pick how often you would like to receive your supplements, and we ship it you without you having to remember to place another order. If you would like to make any changes to your subscription, you can manage it from your subscription page, call our office, or chat with one of our customer representatives online. It’s that easy!

Is there HSA reimbursement?

To utilize your HSA eligible payment method, please call our office at 580-226-8007.

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I have been extremely benefited from the carefully formulated capsules and the YouTube videos by Dr. Nedley.
Tom J.
I've only taken these Nedley Health supplements for 6 days and I absolutely love them! I'm sleeping better and already feel calmer and easily in a good mood.  I feel more self-control over my negative emotions (anger, frustration). Thank you so much for these products!
Misty C.
Was delivered very fast and I just started taking it two days ago.
Lynda Y.

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