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38 Reviews

Brain by Nedley Health addresses an imbalance of neurotransmitters that contribute to stress and cognitive function.*


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Brain for cognitive balance and support addresses an imbalance of neurotransmitters. By increasing zinc intake with the right proportion of vitamin B6 and biotin, those who have this imbalance can see an improvement in stress control, anger management, focus, memory, rational thinking, mood enhancement, and emotional stability during hormonal events.*

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How does Brain by Nedley Health work?

Studies have shown that many people with mental illness are deficient in zinc or have an imbalance between zinc and copper, which are important trace minerals in the brain. Brain by Nedley Health was formulated to help balance neurotransmitters by reducing free copper levels. Zinc, B-6, and Biotin are helpful in managing free copper levels to prevent too much dopamine from being converted into stress inducing hormones—a common problem for under-methylators. To learn more about how Brain by Nedley Health works, please read the article: Your Brain's Chemistry Might Be Causing Your Depression.

How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

Due to the time it takes to increase the number of capsules you take the first few weeks, you should expect to start seeing results between 4-6 weeks. However, each person's results may vary and we recommend consulting a healthcare professional if you are not seeing results or notice any abnormal changes.

Is Brain by Nedley Health safe?

Providing a healthier way to optimal brain health is our top priority. All Nedley Health products are manufactured in the United States with high-quality ingredients. The FDA provides guidelines on how to manufacture supplements called Current Good Manufacturing Processes, or cGMP, which our manufacturing facilities are required to follow.

How does my subscription work?

You pick how often you would like to receive your supplements, and we ship it you without you having to remember to place another order. If you would like to make any changes to your subscription, you can manage it from your subscription page, call our office, or chat with one of our customer representatives online. It’s that easy!

Is there HSA reimbursement?

To utilize your HSA eligible payment method, please call our office at 580-226-8007.

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This was a recommended product for my daughter after getting some lab work done through the Nedley clinic. She has seen a great improvement in her ability to sleep and overall daily function. She certainly would be in bad shape without it. I definitely recommend!
Yvonne C.
Brain balance has provided my husband  and I with the sharpness and clarity of mind needed to deal with the challenges and joys of life living in retirement. We’ve noticed a discernible difference in our quality of life thus we are very happy using this  supplement. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for improvement in their mental sharpness.
Carolyn P.
I have been taking Brain Balance now for over 3 months. I started out taking one for the first week and then went up to 2 and now I am taking 3 per day. I feel more at ease and my brain fog is much  improved. I am taking some of your other supplements so I am sure this is a cumulative effect. I would definitely recommend.
T. Neel
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